Electronic Pouches

It does not matter if you are a regular smoker, casual smoker, the friend to bums off of others, or when you are stressed, cigarettes have a wide range of smokers.  If you are not a fan of the lingering smoke smell, another alternative is chewing tobacco.  These little pouches deliver nicotine without anyone smoking.  These little guys have revolutionized chewing tobacco.  What’s an alternative to cigarettes and chewing tobacco?  Electronic cigarettes, of course.  These little e-cigs fit well in your pocket and does not leave odd residue.  Both pouches and e-cigs are great alternative to cigarettes.

What about a electronic based pouches?  This may be good for people who do not want to look like they are smoking or for those who do not want to stain their teeth like crazy.  Like the traditional chewing tobacco, these ‘e-pouches’ would activate when inhaled.  It could be flavored to regular cigarettes, menthol, ‘light,’ or any other type of flavor.  It would take more than the existing e-cig model but no one else has tried these yet!

A good mod and rechargeable-e-cigs!?

When I was sitting in my epic hottie filled yoga class a couple weeks ago, checking out super rockin bods, and thinking about my current breathing situation and how traditional cigs are totally screwing up my yoga program.  I thought to myself, “I need to change my health up!  I don’t put on these stupid yoga shorts for nothin so i figured I’d try some rechargeable-e-cigs to try and bust down the habit, get my warrior 2 on, and eat some tasty veggies.  Got into the tru smoke rechargeable-e-cigs and have been using them for a good while and its helped me improve my breathing technique in hot sweaty yoga and get into it.  Yoga style!  the best part is… the rechargeable-e-cigs can be modified to vape pot! Its just a 2-3 hitter but its perfect for the day out on the streets and before yoga.  I can now breath like a champ and get a little buzz on before stretching out my buns.

Does E Cigs Nicotine Hurt You?

The nicotine that you inhale with an e cig is the same nicotine that you inhale when you light up a real cigarette.  There is no difference.  They’re both nicotine.  So the nicotine in an e cigarette is no more dangerous or likely to hurt you than when you smoke a traditional cigarette.

However, if you are worry about what cigarettes are going to do to your health, you should be worry about real cigarettes and how much more dangerous they are to you than e cigs.

E cigs are by far less dangerous.  You are not burning any dangerous chemicals that are found in traditional cigarettes.   So there is no second hand smoke and you are inhale less toxic fumes into your body.

So if you are worry about nicotine in general, you shouldn’t smoke because nicotine is addictive.

E Cig Batteries Manual

Many people who smoke e cigs do not realize that there are actually two types of rechargeable e cig batteries.  There is the automatic version and a manual version.


A automatic e cig battery is one that automatically lights up when you puff on it.  It will instantly vaporize the nicotine chemicals and delivery the nicotine that you want, when you puff on it.  To some people this is ideal.  To others this wastes a lot of battery life because the battery needs to stay on and wait for you to puff on it.  Hence your battery does not last as long.

This was really important in the early years when e cigarette batteries did not last too long.  Today that has changed.  Batteries last very long and most people carry two batteries with them so its not too bad when your battery runs low.


A manual e cig battery is one that you need to turn on for it to work.  This is important to those who only want to use up their batteries when they smoke.  The battery does not stay on the entire time waiting to determine when and if someone is going to use it.

With a manual battery, you turn it on when you want to smoke.  Otherwise, it stays off and you conserve your battery life.

For others, they find this an inconvenience.

So it all comes down to your personal preference and how important it is to you to have a long lasting battery that doesn’t need to be recharged all the time.

E-Cigs Brand

There many e-cigs brand selling smokeless cigarettes but the key to finding the right e-cig brand is knowing what type of electronic cig that you need.  For example, some people prefer cigarettes that look, feel, and smoke like a real cigarette.

While others don’t focus on looks.  Instead they want something that smokes just like a real cigarette.  It must have the right draw and gives them that nicotine high that they are accustom to smoking traditional cigarette brands.

So you really need to know what type of e-cig that you want before you can look for the right brand that fits your needs.  Generally, if you want a traditional e cig that looks like a regular cigarette than you should check brands like Tru Smoke, V2Cig, South Beach, and Blue.

Methods to Recharge Your E Cig Battery

If you are like most people who care about the environment and are fiscally sound, you are not using a disposable ecig but a rechargeable e cigarette.  It’s important to use a rechargeable e cigarette because these e cigs can be recharged.

After the battery runs out, a rechargeable electronic cigarette can be recharged through several methods.  The most obvious is through a USB connector that comes with all e cig starter kits.

Simply plug or screw your ecig to your USB connector and then plug it into any USB port connected to a computer or any electronic device with a USB port and you are good to go.

The second method of recharging is to plug your USB connector to a wall jack and plug it directly into the wall to charge it.

The last is the fanciest method.  High end e cig companies offer PCC carring cases that come with their e cigarettes.  These PCC cases allow you, once they are charged up, to recharge your battery without having to be plugged into any electrical outlet or usb port.  Its basically a recharging device on the go.  This is totally the way to go and allows you to enjoy your smokes without the stress of being near a computer or electric outlet.



Avoid E Cigs That Use Oils

If you are new to the E cigarette area then you need to listen to what I am about to tell you.  Stay away from electronic cigarettes that use oils.  Refilling your e cigs with oils is messy and a pain in the ass.  Second, most of the e cigarettes that use oils, a large and bulky.  They look more like a fountain pen then a cigarette.

It’s also old technology.  Today, the latest version of cigarettes are considered “Rechargeable” because all you have to do is plug them into the wall to charge.  When your nicotine runs out, all you have to do is unscrew your cartridge and replace it with a new one.

It’s as easy as I just described.  No complicated oils.


E Cigs Are Everywhere

If you haven’t notice, the cigarette industry is undergoing a major shake-up.  No longer are cigarettes the only way to enjoy your nicotine addiction.  I know there are nicotine patches and gums but this is different.

As a result of the negative effects of smoking on your health and the ever growing number of new legal restraints being passed our legislature to hinder our ability to smoke, many are turning to e cigs.  E cigs are the modern day method of delivering nicotine to its users.  It is significant because it replaces the need for tobacco.

By removing tobacco and the other hazardous chemicals that are used to control the burn rate of cigarettes, e cigs allow a safer means to deliver nicotine to its smokers.  They are safer to their users as well to those around them because they eliminate the harmful effects of second hand smoke.    There is also no odor which explains why e cigs have become so popular.

The price range for a e cigarette varies depending on the manufacturer but we have seen a starter kit go for $39.99 which is a very good price.

The e cigarette market is continuing to grow.  Traditional cigarette manufacturers are now getting into the market and selling their own e cigs to avoid losing market share as their customers continue to move away from real cigarettes to e cigs.

As more and more players get into the business, the prices of e cigs will continue to fall and they will continue to gain more popularity.


This is our blog covering the Rechargeable E Cigs business.  We hope to provide insight and stimulate spirited debate about the pros and cons of the various e cigs starter kits.  We hope you will find what we do interesting and tell others about us.